Dissolution of the 42nd Legislature

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Dissolution of the 42nd Legislature

The breakdown of the 42nd Legislature’s 124 seats at its dissolution on May 3 was: PCs: 67 seats, NDP: 38 seats; Liberals: 7 seats; Greens: 1 seat; New Blue: 1 seat; Ontario: 1 seat; Independents: 6 seats; Vacancies: 3 seats.

From the 2018 election until the Legislature’s dissolution the PCs were down nine seats. Four MPPs had been removed from the caucus and three had resigned, all to sit as independents. Two others resigned from the Legislature entirely, giving rise to vacancies that were not filled.

The NDP were down two seats after one MPP resigned and another was removed from the party, both also sitting as independents.

The Liberals lost three seats to resignations from the Legislature but gained them back in two byelections and by one independent, a former PC member, switching to the Liberal Party. The net result for the Liberals was the same number of seats at dissolution as at the start of the 42nd Legislature.

Two new parties also appeared during the last Legislature. Each had one seat at dissolution, although not because of an election, but because two former PC members joined respectively, the New Blue Party and the Ontario Party.