About Windsor-Tecumseh: Recreational Soccer —

In the riding of Windsor-Tecumseh there are three main recreational soccer clubs, where recreational means that everyone can play regardless of ability. They are: the Windsor Soccer Club, the Tecumseh Recreational Soccer Club and McAuliffe Park Sports (which also offers recreational baseball). The Windsor Soccer Club has been around since 1971. The Tecumseh Recreational Soccer Club was formed in 1999. The Windsor Soccer Club provides recreational soccer for kids aged 4 to 18 at the Ford Test Track, a facility owned by the City of Windsor previously owned by Ford Motor Company’s as its track for testing vehicles. The Tecumseh Recreational Soccer Club has its games in multiple locations in and around the town of Tecumseh. McAuliffe Park Sports plays at its namesake.

In recent years clubs have indicated that they are having trouble finding coaches. They are forced to send out multiple appeals to parents of registered kids that if they do not find coaches teams could fold or multiple age levels will be amalgamated based on the number of coaches available.

Laura carries on her soccer coaching during the campaign, May 26.

The government should be affirming the right of young people to recreational sport. It should assist the schools to provide sports and help the clubs financially and with facilities so that families can provide their children with physical education. The clubs should be able to focus on performing their role in providing organized sports for the youth rather than chasing funds and sponsorships. The important role coaches play should be recognized as well and many more could be trained.

Laura Chesnik responded to the appeal of the Windsor Soccer Club for coaches. If you would like to coach in the future contact the clubs at: windsorsoccerclub.com, tecumsehsoccerclub.org and mcauliffepark.com.