Campaign: Young Workers Raise Concerns About Their Working Conditions —

May 25. Independent candidate Laura Chesnik was invited to attend a social with local youth after they broke fast for Ramadan. The youth had questions about the elections and what it means to be an independent candidate. A number also raised concerns about their working conditions and the effects of government legislation on these conditions.

Laura said that the most important thing is who decides our wages and working conditions. She explained that, like her campaign and those of working people fighting for the right to health care, education and other crucial matters, speaking for ourselves and organizing to work out solutions which are favourable to the people’s interests is what is most important.

Young workers like other workers have to organize to speak for themselves about what they require and the kind of society and world they want. The government is creating a situation where it appears that people can get justice if they deal with the government directly and rely on it to defend their interests. Like everyone else — workers, women, seniors — the youth have to organize themselves in their collectives. The youth cannot afford to believe that their interests will be solved without putting themselves in the front lines of the fight to defend the rights of all. What the minimum wage should be and how it is enforced has to be looked at in the light of setting a new direction for the economy that has the people’s well-being as its aim.