Concerns: The Need to Properly Fund Hospitals and Paramedic Services —

Ontario paramedics converge on Queen’s Park December 12, 2017, to oppose dangerous changes to the Ambulance Act made as part of the massive omnibus Bill 160 passed that day.

Jason Fraser, Chair of CUPE Ambulance Committee of Ontario says:

We want whichever of the political parties is elected to take a look at the services that Ontario paramedics provide and realize that they need to invest in paramedic services right away.

They must take an overall look at health care and properly fund hospitals so that appropriate bed allocations are made to alleviate the pressures on hospitals and paramedic services. If hospitals are not being properly funded and are not receiving the appropriate bed allocations, emergency departments get backlogged with patients who should potentially be admitted to one of the floors. If no bed is available on the floor, the patient gets held up in the emergency department occupying one of its beds. When paramedics arrive with a patient on an ambulance stretcher, there is no available bed to move that patient over to.

Proper funding is needed throughout an entire hospital to allow proper patient flow within the hospital as well as patient flow from paramedic services into the hospital system. As paramedic services’ call volume is increasing dramatically, they are in need of more funding in order to increase the capacity of paramedics working on the road to transport patients in need of our assistance. Whether it is Ontario, Quebec, or any other province, health care must be funded appropriately so that the needs and demands of the people are met.

(Ontario Political Forum)