Make a Financial Contribution

To Make a Financial Contribution

All those who support Laura’s campaign politically are urged to help the campaign financially as well. Every bit counts. Empower yourself now by helping out!

How Much Can I Contribute?

Individuals can give up to $1,222 in total in contributions to candidates or registered parties each calendar year.

Who Can Contribute?

According to the law only residents of Ontario are permitted to make a contribution. Unions or corporations are not permitted to give contributions. The names and amounts of all contributions will be published by Elections Ontario on the Elections Ontario website.

How Do I Contribute?

Cash Contributions under $25.00 can be given to Laura or her Chief Financial Officer directly. For other amounts, please make a cheque or money order signed by the contributor payable to: Campaign of Laura Chesnik Elections Ontario requires the following attestation that the funds donated come from you. Please print out and sign the attestation and include it with your cheque or money order. Click here to download attestation form.

Send contributions to:

Campaign of Laura Chesnik
PO Box 52018 Giles RO
Windsor, Ontario
N8X 1J0

Tax Credit

You will receive a tax receipt from the campaign following your donation towards an income tax credit.

The amount of credit depends on how much you give.

The rate is:

75 per cent on the first $406 of donations in 2018

50 per cent on the portion of your donation between $406 and $1,222 in 2018.

This means if you give $400 you are eligible for an income tax credit of $300

If you give $1,222 you are eligible for an income tax credit of $611.