Press Release May 10, 2018

Laura Chesnik – Independent Candidate in Windsor-Tecumseh


Elementary teacher Laura Chesnik will be an independent candidate in the June 7 provincial election in the riding of Windsor-Tecumseh. She has informed her peers and fellow citizens in Windsor that she is running so that the people of Ontario can put MPPs in the Legislature who actually represent what people need and are fighting for. She represents what teachers and education workers have been fighting for and is known for that.

“Our fight for our rights comes head to head with government dictate in the service of private interests,” Laura says. “It’s time we end this situation and affirm the right of all Ontarians to a high quality public education. This can be done by affirming the rights of teachers, education workers and students who are directly affected by the lack of required funding and privatization.”

Laura explains:

“Teachers have been fighting to affirm their right to have a say over their working conditions for some time now. We faced the dictate of the Liberal government supported by the PCs to impose contracts, to strip billions out of education and use this to pay the deficit and give handouts to companies.

“Teachers and education workers stand with industrial workers, hospital workers, injured workers, all working people; this is who should be at Queen’s Park, not party governments that serve private interests. People don’t think the electoral system expresses their own experience and demands and then, come elections, we are supposed to give up our own experience, our fight for our demands and beg for a line on a party platform. If we do get some token mention, we are to hope that it will be implemented. We are supposed to spend the next four years lobbying MPPs to fight for us.

“I hope you decide to join this campaign,” Laura says. “In the last election, Windsor was the only place in the province to defeat a Liberal cabinet minister and record a protest vote in that way. Teachers and education workers played a crucial role in this. For that we should be proud. Now let us take this campaign a step further. We can do it! Empower Yourself Now! Join In!”

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phone: 226-340-8458

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