Many Teachers Happy to See Laura Run —

Many of Laura’s teacher and education worker colleagues have responded with enthusiasm that one of their own is participating in the election to defend their rights and the rights of all. A number of teachers came forward to get Laura’s nomination papers signed and help distribute flyers.

Laura represents our own fight for working conditions that correspond to the jobs we do and in opposition to arbitrary government dictate. Our teaching conditions are students’ learning conditions. It is a matter of concern for all parents as well.

To date, no matter which government has been in office in Ontario, agendas are set by what serves a neo-liberal agenda of privatization of education and disenfranchisement of unions and school boards and others with decision-making power and influence.

A vote for Laura makes a statement that we need those who are known to represent the people’s concerns in office because they will not conciliate with the dictate which serves private interests.

A teacher in Windsor

Laura tabling for the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, May Day, May 1, 2014.

Laura with other teachers and education workers on Labour Day 2017.