Concerns About Health Care: Megahospitals vs Health Care Services Accessible to the Region —

In the opinion of Laura Chesnik, the issue of the proposed megahospital in Windsor is one of who should decide what happens in health care and what’s needed. This is what she said to a meeting on May 22 which took up the discussion of health care needs.

Laura gave the example of Citizens for an Accountable Megahospital Planning Process (CAMPP). “Those involved in that initiative are demanding that they be listened to, that they have something to say. However, what avenues are available to turn the discussion into action? Despite becoming very informed of the needs of the community and how the location of the current proposed site for the megahospital serves neither the city nor the county and despite organizing to inform members of the decision-making bodies about these issues, what they have to say has fallen on deaf ears. Why? Because the decision has already been made. Its not in our hands.”

“This is a major problem,” Laura said. “How can it be that those who know the problems aren’t the ones making the decisions?”

She also gave the example of the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs). “Where are those who actually work in the field of health care sitting on these bodies? The nurses, doctors and other health care workers? Its not them making the decisions. And this is precisely the problem,” Laura said.

“As a teacher I have seen how this decision-making takes place in education. Even principals and local school boards have been disempowered. They’re forced to refer up the chain of command to the Premier and if they don’t toe the line, they can be taken over. Even locally elected trustees can be rendered powerless to take decisions for their communities,” she said.