News: Election Results for Windsor Area Ridings —

Congratulations to Windsor area candidates who won tonight and a very big thank you to all of you who helped my campaign in so many ways. It was a great experience and now that the election is over, there is a lot to discuss.

I invite you to continue checking this site for news, analysis and views on the election results. How to hold the new government to account is a new challenge which we can definitely tackle so long as we stay together and hold firm. This website,, will continue to post updates and reports on matters of concern so send your news, announcements, reports, photos, comments and concerns to

With best wishes for the continued success of our work for democratic renewal,

Laura Chesnik

Below are the election results for the Windsor and area ridings.


Remy Boulbol — Liberal   3,513
Laura Chesnik — Independent   863
Percy Hatfield — NDP   25,221
Mohammad Latif — Progressive Conservative   11,675
Henry Oulevey — Green   1,907

Voter turnout: 48.20 %


Rino Bortolin — Liberal   5,762
Chad Durocher — None of the Above Direct Democracy Party   435
Krysta Glovasky-Ridsdale — Green Party   1,393
Lisa Gretzky — NDP   20,276
Adam Ibrahim — Progressive Conservative   11,073

Voter turnout: 43.83 %


Kate Festeryga — Liberal  3,053
Chris Lewis — Progressive Conservative   22,731
Taras Natyshak — NDP   26,054
Nancy Pancheshan — Green  1,853

Voter turnout: 57.91 %


Jordan McGrail — NDP   16,558
Rick Nicholls — Progressive Conservative   24,070
Margaret Schleier Stahl — Liberal   3,736
Drew Barry John Simpson — Independent   358
Mark Vercouteren — Green   1,636

Voter turnout: 57.73 %