Record Number of Candidates Nominated to Contest Ontario General Election —

May 19. Nominations in the 2018 Ontario General Election closed at 2:00 pm on May 17: 793 candidates are representing 28 registered political parties. In addition, there are 32 independent candidates and candidates with no affiliation for a total of 825 candidates. The Greens, Liberals, New Democrats and Progressive Conservatives all have candidates in each of the 124 electoral districts. The Libertarians have 117 candidates; the None of the Above Party 43; the Trillium Party 26 and the Ontario Moderate Party 16. Twenty other parties met the threshold of at least two candidates. The number of candidates is a record high. In 2014, there were 616 candidates representing 21 parties in 107 constituencies.

Fifty-six per cent of NDP candidates are women; while 52 per cent of Green candidates, 46 per cent of Liberal candidates, and only 33 per cent of Progressive Conservative candidates are women.

While the ballot lists the candidates’ party affiliation, information on how the candidates make their living is not readily available. From the ballot paper, a voter has no information as to the occupation of the candidate; whether they are a steelworker, nurse, teacher, a person living in poverty or a banker, big businessman, lawyer or merchant.

The large increase in candidates represents the dissatisfaction of the Ontario electorate with politics-as-usual and their yearning for change that is in the interests of the working people.

Summary of Parties and Candidates in 42nd Ontario General Election

Party Party Leader Candidates Seats  
2014 Dissol.  
Liberal Kathleen Wynne 124 58 55
Progressive Conservative Doug Ford 124 28 27
New Democratic Andrea Horwath 124 21 18
Green Mike Schreiner 124
Libertarian Allen Small 117
None of the Above Greg Vezina 42
Trillium Bob Yaciuk 26 1
Ontario Moderate Party Yuri Duboisky 16
Freedom Paul McKeever 14
Communist Dave McKee 12
Consensus Ontario Brad Harness 10
Northern Ontario Party Trevor Holliday 10
People’s Political Party Kevin Clarke 6
Canadians’ Choice Party Bahman Yazdanfar 5
Ontario Party Jason Tysick 5
Special Needs 5
Ontario Alliance William Cook 4
Cultural Action Party Brad Salzberg 3
New People’s Choice Party Daryl Christoff 3
Stop the New Sex-Ed Agenda Queenie Yu 3
Confederation of Regions 2
Canadian Economic Party Patrick Knight 2
Go Vegan Paul Figuerias 2
Multicultural Party of Ontario Wasyl Luczkiw 2
Party of Objective Truth Derrick Matthews 2
Pauper John Turmel 2
Social Reform Party Abu Alam 2
Stop Climate Change Ken Ranney 2
Independents and no affiliation 32 2
Vacant 4
Totals 825 107 107