News: Results in Windsor West —

The riding was won by the incumbent NDP candidate Lisa Gretzky whose vote increased by 5,278 from what it was in 2014. The Progressive Conservative (PC) candidate Adam Ibrahim received the second most votes with 11,073, an increase of 5,813 from 2014 when the PC candidate received 5,260 votes. The PCs replaced the Liberals as the second party in the riding. Ibrahim presented himself as a representative of the “new PC Party” as opposed to the party of Mike Harris.

The Liberal candidate Rino Bortolin received 5,762 votes compared to the 13,976 votes that went to the Liberals in 2014, a drop of 8,716. It is likely that some of those who deserted the Liberals in the riding voted NDP on the basis of trying to stop a PC majority. Bortolin had sought to distance himself from the Liberal government during the campaign, openly telling Kathleen Wynne not to come to the riding; he was better off on the basis of his own personal “brand.”

In the 2014 election Liberal cabinet minister Teresa Piruzza lost her seat to the NDP candidate at the hands of the working people of the riding by 1,022 votes. The Liberals had hoped that Bortolin, a city councillor, would be able to take the seat back.

The Green Party candidate received 1,393 votes, a 183 vote increase. The None of the Above Party candidate Chad Durocher, who ran as a Green in the last election, obtained 435 votes.