News: The Results in Windsor-Tecumseh —

Windsor-Tecumseh is a working class riding in the heart of one of Ontario’s automotive and industrial centers. The voter turnout in the riding had been one of the lowest in the province at 43 per cent in the 2014 provincial election. This time it increased to 49 per cent, still 10 per cent below the provincial average. There were 43,179 valid votes cast. (The number of spoiled, rejected and declined ballots will not be published for six months.)

The NDP won the riding with the vote for incumbent Percy Hatfield going up from 22,826 in 2014 to 25,221 — an increase of 2,395 votes. It was well known that Hatfield would likely win the riding again. The Liberal vote collapsed even further from where it stood following the resignation of Dwight Duncan, the former Liberal MPP and Ontario Finance Minister who led the charge for the McGuinty government against teachers and education workers and all public sector workers with Bill 115.

This time the Liberal vote went from 5,605 to 3,513, a drop of 2,092 votes. The Progressive Conservative (PC) vote went from 5,485 to 11,675, an increase of 6,190 votes. This was 2,981 fewer votes than the Conservative candidate obtained in the 2015 federal election in that riding. This suggests that despite the hype, there was no surge of people towards the PCs in the riding. The Green Party went from 2,144 in 2014 to 1,907, a drop of 237 votes.

Independent candidate Laura Chesnik, the first independent candidate ever to run in the riding since its creation in 1996 received 863 votes. Her vote constituted 1.99 per cent of the popular vote and was the second highest vote of all 32 independent candidates who ran across the entire province.[1]


1. The independent candidate Caroline Roach obtained 1,187 votes in the newly created riding of Mississauga-Malton which includes the Toronto airport and industrial areas of Mississauga.