Place Names in Windsor-Tecumseh —

The names of major roads in Windsor-Essex have a long history. The rivers and lakes that surround Windsor-Essex were both a vital resource, means of travel and communication for the First Nations and early settlers. There was a Huron village on the Detroit River at the end of the Huron Trail (now Huron Church Road leading to the Ambassador Bridge) and an Ottawa village on the river on east side of Windsor. (Ottawa Street which runs east to west between the ridings of Windsor West and Windsor-Tecumseh.)

As the French settled along the Detroit river each family had a small frontage on the Detroit River. Running back from the river were long narrow strip farms. Today the names of streets that begin at the river reflect this pattern of settlement. Ouellette Ave., Drouillard Rd., Parent Ave., Pillette Ave., and Lesperance Rd. are all family names of early French settlers which are now major arteries running north-south through the ridings of Windsor West and Windsor-Tecumseh.

In the town of Tecumseh, the Lesperance family cabin built in 1799 has been reconstructed and can be visited today.