Readers’ Questions: How Will Having an Independent at Queen’s Park Make a Difference? —

Laura responds:

All of us together know the conditions of the different sectors of the economy in which we work and in our lives and our communities, yet we’re blocked from making the decisions that affect them. This is because governments are formed by parties that set agendas according to what marketing companies say will get them elected. Once they are in power, we’ve seen the kind of corruption that takes place. These parties serve private interests while presenting excuses, even going so far as to blame the people for the problems.

Discussion on workers’ concerns and their role in the Ontario election, Hamilton, May 20, 2018.

It may seem like electing an independent is useless, but this is not the case. We have our own minds and voices. Having an independent in the Legislature would in fact open lines of communication that presently do not exist — from the Legislature to the community and back. At present, we only find out what is happening at Queen’s Park through distorted media accounts that often end up getting people worked up rather than informing them so they can calmly consider the issues. This does not permit us to work out our own opinions on matters and speak out publicly for positions that favour our interests. Our elected representatives should take stands that the people work out, not what parties tell them to do. By running as an independent, I’m putting forward that there is another way. Together we can be the ones who speak for ourselves. By voting for me you make a clear statement that this is necessary. Together we can create something new. I hope you join me.