Report: Injured Workers’ Bike Ride in Northern Ontario —

The Ontario Network of Injured Workers’ Groups (ONIWG) kicked off the first leg its annual Justice Bike Ride in Northern Ontario on May 25 in Elliot Lake. The ride and related events continue in the region until May 28, leading up to Injured Workers’ Day events across the province on June 1.

ONIWG began a campaign “Workers’ Comp Is a Right” last fall to defend the rights and dignity of injured workers and the right of all Ontarians to just compensation should they be made ill or get injured at work, to make sure this fight for rights is front and centre during this election. The problem of compensation for injured workers is not a problem just for injured workers and their families. It is a problem which concerns the society itself. Marginalizing injured workers and making them fend for themselves to get treatment and the compensation they need is not acceptable. Injured workers reject the unjust denial of benefits and impoverishment imposed on them by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) while it goes to great lengths to reduce premiums for the employers. ONIWG members have been very active in events across the province during the election, with one even running as a candidate for the None of the Above Party in Guelph.

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