Views: Thinking Back to the 2014 Election —

In the 2014 election, a disinformation campaign promoted Kathleen Wynne as the alternative to Tim Hudak. It declared the Liberal budget to be progressive and Andrea Horwath as betraying NDP values for forcing the election by turning down a ‘progressive’ budget. All the measures taken by the Liberal McGuinty/Wynne governments as concerns the privatization of social and public services and continuous pay-the-rich schemes magically disappeared and were attributed to the Hudak PCs.

These Liberal government pay-the-rich schemes greatly contributed to the destruction of manufacturing in Ontario. Its attacks on the wages and working conditions of teachers and education workers, health care providers and other public sector workers, as well as against the most vulnerable, including injured workers are tearing apart the social fibre of the province, wrecking the economy and pushing down the living and working conditions of the working class.

The disinformation campaign turned the reality upside down creating a singular spectre of Hudak as the enemy and presenting the Liberals as the saviours of Ontario working families. A kind of Stockholm Syndrome gripped these Liberal social forces within the workers’ movement. They promoted affection for the Liberal government, which just months earlier was assaulting the working class movement and during the election campaign kidnapped a section of the working class movement on behalf of the ruling class. They called on everyone to fall in love with their kidnappers who would save them from the evil of the Hudak Conservatives.

The Liberals seem to think the same strategy will work for them in this election. Talk about the “Ford Nation,” populism, Trumpism is all designed to stop discussion on what Ontario needs. The political parties in the service of private interests take all the measures required by the rich to get richer while abandoning their duty to uphold the rights of the working people.

Mira Katz, Ontario Political Forum