Views: Credibility Crisis of Party System of Government —

An issue in this election is how fed-up people are with the system of party government called a representative democracy. People don’t see themselves represented at all! The so-called major parties decide what are called election issues based on marketing strategies put forward by agencies that hire themselves out to parties around the world. To disguise anti-social aims and make sure people do not organize to speak for themselves, these “election issues” distort how things actually pose themselves or use scaremongering all to get these “major” parties elected at all costs. It is all done to disempower the people and instead meet demands of supranational interests.

“Election issues” are fabricated on the basis of manipulative poll questions, focus groups and other private self-serving endeavours. Random individuals and groups are asked to express preferences which are mysteriously transformed into “what the people want” and the alleged majority opinion of the polity.

I think people should reject this and vote for small party or independent candidates as a way to express this rejection.

A teacher in Windsor