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Laura’s campaign calls on everyone to “Empower Yourself Now!” by voting for her as an independent. She brings her experience fighting for the rights of teachers and education workers for proper working conditions, which in turn affirms the right to education of the youth. She stands for the rights of all. Voting for Laura is also a way to reject the unacceptable party-dominated system of electoral politics that blocks people from having a say in all the matters that affect their lives.

The issue of empowering ourselves is an ongoing issue. Come June 8, while the particular circumstances facing us will change, this fundamental issue will remain and Laura will continue to take it up for solution.

A Tecumseh resident wrote:

“I think it’s important to have Laura as an independent candidate in Windsor Tecumseh. Why should people waste their vote on one of the major parties, especially when they give themselves the right to do whatever they want once in office? I think voting for Laura is a way to make our vote count. That’s how I’m empowering myself now!”

Another said:

“The town halls, round tables and other actions held here and across Ontario during this election I see on your site are impressive! Working people raise the issues that are not being discussed by the big players. Thanks so much for sharing and informing us. This is what we need.”

A teacher wrote from Alberta:

“It’s great to see a teacher coming forward as an independent candidate representing the concerns of teachers in Ontario and providing a means for people to empower themselves. This shows how teachers are empowering themselves across the country to defend their working conditions; students’ learning conditions.

“Canada’s political system gives power to parties and violates the right of the electorate to speak for and represent themselves. It’s the same no matter which party is in government. A teacher running as an independent seems like a way to make a statement that it’s the system that isn’t working for us and needs to change. We can speak for ourselves.”