Candidates and Parties in this Election

Graphic of a hand holding a ballot that reads "For an informed vote"

Candidates and Parties in this Election

Elections Ontario reports that 900 candidates and 25 parties have registered to run in the June 2 election. This represents a 9 per cent increase in the number of candidates and a 10.7 per cent decrease in the number of parties compared to the 2018 election, in which there were 825 candidates and 28 parties.

Elections Ontario’s listing of candidates and parties shows that four parties — New Blue, NDP, Greens and PCs are running candidates in all the province’s 124 ridings. The Liberals have candidates in 122 ridings. The number of candidates running for the remaining 20 parties ranges from 103 to 2.

Of the 900 candidates, 859 will appear on the ballot as affiliated with a political party, 40 will appear as Independent candidates and one will show no affiliation.

The breakdown of party-affiliated, Independent and non-affiliated candidates in alphabetical order of party names as they will appear on the ballot, shown in brackets, is as follows:

Ontario Alliance (Alliance) – 2

Canadians’ Choice Party (CCP) – 2

Communist Party of Canada (Ontario) (Communist) – 12

Consensus Ontario (Consensus) – 11

Ontario Centrist Party (CPO) – 2

Electoral Reform Party (ERP) – 2

Freedom of Choice, Peace and Justice Party of Ontario – 2

Freedom Party of Ontario – 11

Green Party of Ontario – 124

Ontario Libertarian Party (Libertarian) – 16

New Blue Party of Ontario (New Blue) – 124

New Democratic Party of Ontario (Ontario NDP/NPD) – 124

None of the Above Direct Democracy Party – 28

Northern Ontario Party (NOP) – 2

Ontario Liberal Party – 122

Ontario Moderate Party – 17

Ontario Party – 103

People’s Progressive Common Front of Ontario (Ontario People’s Front) – 3

Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party – 3

Party for People with Special Needs – 2

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (PC Party of Ontario) – 124

Populist Ontario – 13

Public Benefit Party – 2

Stop the New Sex-Ed Agenda – 3

The Peoples Political Party (The People) – 3

Independent – 40

No affiliation – 1