Events: June 1 – Injured Workers’ Day

On June 1 every year injured workers and labour activists gather in cities across the province — in person or virtually — to mark Injured Workers’ Day. The events celebrate their work and collective strength in fighting for the rights of injured workers to full and just compensation, and of all workers to have a safe and healthy workplace. They use the occasion to raise their current concerns and to demand action from the provincial government.

Injured Workers’ Day commemorates the day in 1983 when over 3,000 injured workers descended on Queen’s Park to attend a hearing of the government committee that was looking at major changes to Ontario’s workers’ compensation system. The committee was forced to accommodate them and to conduct the public hearing on the steps of the legislature.

In their call for the June 1 actions, organizers of the Workers’ Comp Is A Right Campaign state that “This year, as we gather virtually the day before a provincial election, we have the opportunity to combine our voices and tell whoever the incoming government is that injured workers will be there from day one, holding them to account.”

There are two central Injured Workers’ Day events, both of which are again being held online due to COVID: a vigil May 31 and a rally and town hall on June 1. The town hall, which follows the rally, will ask participants the question “What do you want the government elected tomorrow to do for injured workers?”

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