Arts and Culture in Difficult Times

Arts and Culture in Difficult Times

Has listening or playing music, reading a good book and joining a book club, or following a TV series and discussing it with friends on line made a positive difference to you through this pandemic? Have you seen a mural that lifted your spirits or a cartoon that made you laugh?

We have all found ways to create new connections within our communities to sustain ourselves in the face of pandemic conditions. Local artists and cultural workers continue to develop creative connections that have been positive in making our way through these times of great transition and have created avenues of growth and survival. Currently visual artists, musicians, poets, and cultural workers of all kinds are active and creating culture in our city. And these connections have developed into programmes and activities that are available to all of us. Some of these include:

Artcite Inc., an independent artist-run centre’s programming includes frequent Community Collector get togethers where folks can safely talk, and make music, and share experience. (

Artcite’s Executive Director, Teajai Travis who, among other things has been awarded Windsor’s Multicultural Community Storyteller, always has something going on to develop our community vision of ourselves.

The Chimczuk Museum is exhibiting Windsor Hand Made, twenty artists, twenty visions of a common work glove. (Free entry for the exhibition in the Museum entry corridor.)

one ten park: a working space is another artist-run centre. Their storefront windows are currently collecting people’s images for Pollinating Peace, as it starts with each of us and is transmitted by example. If you walk by you can see these images from Windsor and other places in Canada, and also from Japan, Estonia, Spain, Germany and the USA.  You can also participate by dropping something in the mail to 110 Park St W. Windsor ON N9A 7A5. (

Arts Council Windsor Region NOTES has a listing of all these and other goings-on around town. And Arts Council NOTES can list YOUR activity!