Election Results: Basic Information

On June 2 the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario headed by Doug Ford won a majority of seats in the 43rd Ontario general election, going from 67 seats at dissolution of the legislature to 83 seats out of a total of 124.* His party did so having received only 17% of the vote of the eligible voters. In other words some 83% of the electorate did not vote for the governing Party.

Unofficial results with 98.98 % of polls reporting show the Conservative majority was won with 1,912,648 votes, 40.84% of those who voted and 17.77% of the 10,760,433 registered voters in Ontario. Total voter turnout was down massively at 43.53%, down from 58% in the 2018 general election. The NDP went from 38 seats to 31 with 1,111,112 votes while the Liberal Party went from 7 to 8 seats with 1,117,041.  The Green Party remained at 1 seat with 279,172 votes. Independent candidates received the votes of 25,239 Ontarians, with 1 independent candidate elected. Declined, spoiled and rejected ballots have not been reported.

With 40% of the votes cast and the votes of only 17% of the electorate the PCs won 67% of seats, while the NDP obtained 23% of vote for 25% of the seats, the Liberals obtained 23% of vote receiving only 6.5 % of seats while the Green Party obtained 6% of the vote receiving less than 1% of the seats.

The election was held between May 4 and June 2.

*At its dissolution on May 3 the standing in the legislature was: PCs: 67 seats, NDP: 38 seats; Liberals: 7 seats; Greens: 1 seat; New Blue: 1 seat; Ontario: 1 seat; Independents: 6 seats; Vacancies: 3 seats.