Province Wide Results

Province Wide Results

This election saw the lowest voter turnout in Ontario history at 43.54%.* The previous low was 48.2 percent in the October 2011 election.

The following are the unofficial results from Elections Ontario as of 6 am on June 3, 2022.

Polls reporting: 99.73% (8,050/8,072)

Registered voters prior to election day: 10,760,433 (The number of voters registered on election day is not yet available)
Voters for candidates on election day : 4,683,483 (Declined and spoiled ballots are not yet counted)
Unofficial voter turnout: 43.53%

* This number is likely to drop further as the total number of eligible voters rises as those who registered on election day are added to the total number of registered voters.

PartyVotes% of VoteSeats
Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario1,912,64840.8483
Ontario Liberal Party1,117,04123.858
New Democratic Party of Ontario1,111,11223.7231
Green Party of Ontario279,1725.961
New Blue Party of Ontario127,1782.720
Ontario Party84,2511.800
Independent Candidates25,2390.541
None of the Above Direct Democracy Party7,5060.160
Ontario Libertarian Party5,3670.110
Populist Party Ontario2,5900.060
Freedom Party of Ontario2,2910.050
Communist Party of Canada (Ontario)2,1010.040
Consensus Ontario1,6480.040
Ontario Moderate Party1,6450.040
Canadians’ Choice Party5680.010
Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party4120.010
The Peoples Political Party4090.010
People’s Progressive Common Front of Ontario3670.010
Party for People with Special Needs3500.010
Stop the New Sex-Ed Agenda3420.010
Ontario Centrist Party2950.010
Northern Ontario Party2830.010
Public Benefit Party of Ontario1960.000
Electoral Reform Party1820.000
Freedom of Choice, Peace & Justice Party1820.000
Ontario Alliance1080.000
Total4,683,483 124