Wages and Inflation

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Wages and Inflation

Prices are increasing all around us. As everything from food to gas to housing costs go up, our wages don’t keep up. This makes life more difficult, especially for lower paid workers. At the same time, workers are fighting back and demanding increases in their wages so they can maintain their standard of living instead of constantly getting their wages cut back due to the price of inflation. Their fights should be supported by all.

When the prices of goods and services go up while the wages of those who produce these stay the same, owners of big enterprises who sell the goods and services produced by their employees at higher prices make more money. Their profits go up, while the real wages of the workers go down. This is the case until workers win some key battles for higher wages.

The cartel parties describe this problem in a totally detached way and tell us there’s nothing they can do about it, and that we just need to wait it out. This makes it clear that what the people are forced to contend with under price inflation is neither a problem for the rich nor the cartel parties that represent their interests. It also shows we need governments made up of working people to deal with this problem in a way that favours us, instead of those who benefit from price inflation or those who say there is nothing they can do about it. 

Without those who represent the interests of working people making the decisions, the social and environmental problems we’re all facing will keep getting worse.