All Out to Humanize the Social and Natural Environment by Promoting Social and Internationalist Solidarity as a Quebec Value!

All Out to Humanize the Social and Natural Environment by Promoting Social and Internationalist Solidarity as a Quebec Value!

– Youth for Democratic Renewal, October 2, 2022 –

The Youth for Democratic Renewal (YDR) rejects with contempt the so-called nationalism that Coalition Avenir Québec leader François Legault and his party will surely promote in a second Legault government. The YDR supports the call of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ) to all Quebeckers, and especially to workers in the big cities, suburbs and regions, and to youth across Quebec, to take a strong, clear stand in favour of social and internationalist solidarity as a Quebec value, and to say loud and clear that Legault’s nationalism is racist, reactionary and anti-worker, and that it does not speak for Quebeckers, including the so-called ethnic Quebeckers it claims to represent.

Let’s be clear: the promotion of this nationalism in the name of Quebec values has as its sole aim to divide us in order to better impose the anti-social offensive that affects all Quebeckers without exception. This is certainly what a second Legault government will do. François Legault intends to use the next four years in power consolidating a government of police powers to impose policies that pay the rich and integrate our resources, infrastructure and labour force into the war machine and military production of the United States. To do this, it must impose an anti-worker, racist, war dictate that blocks workers’ opposition, silences the voices of all those who have something to say and marginalizes them so that their struggles for their demands are not effective.

The state’s promotion of racism is hateful. Legault claims that this is Quebec nationalism, that it is in line with the interests and values of the majority, as if the values of the majority were contrary to the values of all those who are not “old stock,” as if those who are not “old stock” must conform or they have no place in Quebec. This disinformation in the name of nationalism serves to render passive those who are marginalized or not represented by any of the cartel parties or unions and social organizations. Divisions on the basis of language spoken, national origin, beliefs and conscience through the promotion of so-called nationalist or liberal or other values must be rejected. They are rejected in practice when workers fight for their rights and the rights of all, and this will certainly continue.

Youth for Democratic Renewal supports the PMLQ’s call for everyone to say loud and clear that they oppose any conciliation with cynical strategies and manoeuvres, whether by Legault or the cartel parties that refuse to defend clear-cut, enlightened positions based on modern, internationalist conceptions that consider that we have rights simply because we are human beings with needs, desires, aspirations and struggles that we hold in common. Each person’s and each collective’s conditions are specific but we are one humanity struggling to humanize the social and natural environment.

The specific task facing the working class, women, youth, Indigenous peoples, seniors and all Quebeckers is to not allow ourselves to be marginalized. We must create public opinion and find methods and opportunities to uphold our rights and the rights of all and to defeat state-organized and state-promoted attempts to divide us. There is no situation or circumstance where this kind of disinformation and conciliation with it can be considered acceptable, no matter what its origin or justification.

Workers, youth, women and all Quebeckers will be dealing with a government that uses executive powers outside the government of laws. The method used is to impose an anti-social dictate by using its majority to pass laws that give it the green light to govern by ministerial orders, notwithstanding clauses and other forms of rule by decree to marginalize and even criminalize the voice of the people and block the resolution of problems. All this will be done in the name of a racist nationalism that Legault and his party say is the nationalism of the majority of Quebeckers.

One Humanity, One Struggle!
All Out to Humanize the Social and Natural Environment by Promoting Social
and Internationalist Solidarity as a Quebec Value!