Haitians Say No! to Any New Foreign Military Intervention

Haitians Say No! to Any New Foreign Military Intervention

Reprinted from TML Daily

Haitians have been protesting in the streets for over two months, demanding the resignation of Ariel Henry, the de facto foreign-installed Prime Minister, and for an end to all foreign interference in their country, including through the dictate of the International Monetary Fund. This week their actions have intensified, with thousands in the streets protesting the arrival of U.S. and Canadian planes in Port-au-Prince on the weekend of October 15, that were carrying armoured vehicles, weapons and tactical equipment destined for the police that have been attacking their protests. Demonstrators are also denouncing the plans being cooked up at the UN Security Council at this time for a foreign “rapid action force” to follow the military supplies, ostensibly to improve security in the country by combatting the “gangs” that have unleashed a humanitarian crisis.

On Monday, October 17, the UN Security Council met to discuss applying sanctions against certain individuals in Haiti said to be responsible for the “gang violence,” and also the sending of a multinational armed intervention force that the UN Secretary General, the U.S. and the puppet Haitian “prime minister” are pushing for. Mexico is reported to be working with the U.S. to prepare resolutions on both questions, for which the U.S. is clearly the driving force, as the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, made clear at Monday’s meeting of the Security Council. She called for a “non-UN international security assistance mission” to be dispatched to Haiti led by a yet to be named “partner country” with the “deep, necessary experience required for such an effort to be effective.”

Videos of demonstrators in the streets of Port-au-Prince this week clearly show them denouncing the U.S. and Canada and the plans underway for a new military occupation, in the name of combating “gangs,” that aims to crush their resistance to foreign domination and the death squad democracy these same countries, along with the UN, have imposed on them since they organized the overthrow of the country’s last democratically elected government in 2004.

In photos of the marches some demonstrators can be seen carrying large Russian flags, an expression of their call for Russia, as well as China, to veto any resolution at the Security Council authorizing or approving a foreign military intervention in Haiti of any kind — UN or non-UN.