The US Midterm Elections

The US Midterm Elections

An article entitled “The World Watches the U.S. State and U.S.-style Democracy Unravel” in TML Daily gives a perspective for how to assess the mid-term elections in terms of how to advance the work for democratic renewal in the US and by extension Canada. It notes: “The reporting on the midterm elections is from the vantage point of the rich and their candidates. The only role given to the people is to get drawn into a debate about them and choose a camp – either the Trump camp to Make American Great Again (MAGA) or Biden’s “preserve the democracy.”

“Some of the reporting deals with the deteriorating conditions on every front in the U.S. but all of it is disinformation to deprive the working people of decision-making power over the issues that impact their lives. Issues such as the disastrous war economy, unsafe and unacceptable working and living conditions, vicious government racism and brutality against women, against Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples and those which pertain to war and genocide are kept outside their purview.

“Biden’s talk about democracy and preserving the constitutional order and Trump’s talk about how to make America great again by trampling on the constitutional order and making sure rights have no standing whatsoever, hide two critical facts. One is that irrespective of which president has been in power, including Trump and Biden, the current U.S. government is a government of police powers, without regard for rule of law. Police powers are all the prerogative powers exercised by the President and his cabinet agencies, and executives in general, such as Governors.

“There is presidential dictate that tramples on rule of law and is not concerned with legitimacy, as can readily be seen in the lawlessness exercised within the United States as well as against the peoples abroad, be it in Europe to wage war against Russia to the last Ukrainian and expand NATO control over the peoples of the continent, or against Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, Palestine and other countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Drone warfare and use of Special Forces is increasing now in Africa with the use of the military’s AFRICOM, which is completely illegal and against the sovereignty of nations yet it has consistently been broadened, especially by Obama and every president since. Actions against immigrants and refugees, such as long-term detention of women and children, are also illegal but carry on. Racist police killings remain widespread. The rule is not of law, but of police powers characterized by executive dictate, impunity, and a complete lack of accountability.

“The second thing not discussed is that Biden’s first two years in office show the failure of his presidency to sort out any problem and in fact he draws the U.S. into deeper and deeper crises both at home and abroad. The world has watched as the U.S. state unravels. U.S.-style democracy with its striving for world hegemony and rule as “indispensable nation,” dictating to one and all, is failing. This includes the failure of the electoral process itself and of elections to resolve conflicts among the rulers.

“What is needed is to look at the midterm elections from the vantage point of the peoples, in the U.S. and abroad, which means looking at how best to advance the battle in the U.S. for a people’s democracy, a democracy of the people’s own making that empowers them to govern and decide all the affairs which affect their lives.”