Status for All Migrant Workers and Students

Status for All Migrant Workers and Students

– Migrant Rights Network –

A year ago, facing pressure from migrants, Prime Minister Trudeau promised to regularize undocumented people and ensure permanent resident status for migrant students and workers.

One year later, deportations, abuse and exploitation continues. Justice is only possible with permanent resident status for all migrants now, and a complete overhaul of the immigration system so that no one is temporary or undocumented in the future.

But change is coming. Our collective action has forced Prime Minister Trudeau and federal Ministers to discuss regularization in the coming weeks. First a parliamentary committee of 14 Ministers and then all the Ministers will be making a decision on who is included.

Together, let’s take actions this week to make sure Prime Minister Trudeau keeps his promise:

(1) Send emails: Nearly 22,000 people have already sent messages to Cabinet Ministers. Please keep signing and sharing: We have heard from many Ministers that they are paying attention.

(2) Show Cabinet Ministers that Status for All matters in their riding: Click here for addresses of Cabinet Ministers and to download posters you can put up in their riding.

(3) Send an organizational letter: If you are part of a group or organization, use this template to send a letter to all Cabinet Ministers. Click here for template letter.

MAKE A PHONE CALL: Leave a phone message for Prime Minister Trudeau and as many Ministers as you can. Click here for numbers and script.