Providing Democracy with a Modern Definition

Providing Democracy with a Modern Definition

Today one of the greatest fronts on which the state and its agencies create the most disinformation is on the topic of democracy itself. On both the official left and right of the spectrum it is common to hear talk about democracy by relating it to how close or how far it is from authoritarianism, autocracy, totalitarianism or fascism and such things. They are not giving arguments as to whether the conceptions, rules, definitions, constitutions, institutions they claim to defend are suitable to the people.

The representatives of the ruling class do not recognize that it is the people who are the force for change. This is dismissed in the arguments proffered about democracy. So are their interests. For them, the broad mass movements for equality and rights, against the racist governments and practices, against police killings or killings of individuals in seniors’ homes or health care facilities as a result of the enforced lack of personnel and so on, are not considered part of a rise of a people’s democracy. So too are the movements dismissed of entire nations fighting for their right to be.

The question on the minds of millions worldwide when it comes to democracy is Who Decides? regarding all matters of concern related to peace, war, the economy, politics, culture. Any attempts to ask that question, answer that question or discuss matters of concern are blocked.

Modern definitions of democracy recognize the need to put individual and collective interests on a par and both in relation to the general interests of society and humanity in such a way that these many interests are harmonized – are sorted out in a manner that benefits each and all. It is this constant and continuous work for modern definitions which includes discussing the needs of democracy today, that contributes to the advance of the battle of democracy.

The many battles peoples are waging for control over the decisions which affect their lives, for their right to make claims on society by putting their rights front and centre, reflect the urgent necessity to fashion a democracy where the people, the vast majority of those who have brought into being the advance of the productive powers beyond anything previously conceived, have the power to govern and decide.