June 23 Anti-War Rally in Windsor

June 23 Anti-War Rally in Windsor

The Windsor Peace Coalition is calling on people to oppose Canada’s dangerous escalation of war in Europe and has issued the following statement explaining their position and why they’re calling on everyone to join the action in advance of NATO’s Vilnius Summit.

Anti-War Rally
Friday June 23, 2023
4-5 pm
Meet at Riverside and Ouellette

Canada has joined the U.S., Britain and other NATO members to launch a U.S./NATO war in Ukraine to confront Russia. From June 12-23 NATO is holding the biggest air war exercises in its history, involving aircraft and troops from 23 NATO members as well as from Sweden and Japan, with Germany playing host.

Every day, announcements are made of more military spending, more sanctions, more provocations and dangerous plans to be adopted at the upcoming NATO Summit to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania July 11-12. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian lives are being sacrificed as a result of the refusal of the U.S./NATO-backed Ukrainian government to negotiate a peace deal with Russia that meets its security concerns and protects the lives of the Russian speaking people in Ukraine.

Newspaper and government reports indicate that to date Canada has provided $8 billion to the U.S./NATO proxy war in Ukraine. Much of it is to purchase arms, ammunition and missiles, all of which prolong the war and increase the danger of escalation.

Meanwhile, here at home the federal government along with the governments of the provinces and various private interests are cooperating with U.S. declarations that Canada’s natural resources and territory are an integral part of the U.S. military-industrial base. This includes energy sources and critical minerals required for the production of batteries and energy storage.

None of the above favours the interests of the working people of Canada who every day already face demands for concessions by U.S. cartels and private interests, in every sphere of life including health care, education and other public services. The federal and provincial governments are heavily subsidizing narrow private interests by guaranteeing their profits with public funds while they facilitate union-busting, consider the workers dispensable and violate the hereditary and treaty rights of the Indigenous Peoples.

Further integrating Canada into the U.S. war economy in the name of green energy, new infrastructure, reducing inflation, or good middle class salaries, does not favour the people of Canada nor peace. It increases the control over our lives by U.S. cartels and private interests and their agendas.

It is necessary to raise our voices now and say NOT IN OUR NAME!

Oppose a U.S./NATO War in Ukraine!
Oppose Canadian Warmongering!
Get Canada Out of NATO! Dismantle NATO!
Not a Single Youth for Imperialist War!
Make Canada a Zone for Peace!